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Elise Rousseau
D Block
February 3, 2014
Short Story

The Big Game
1)  I would like my reader to get that if you have the right mindset you can accomplish anything even if you think with crazy things you can actually be thinking up things that will help you with what you are doing.
2) yes this was very easy for me to write.
3) the problem is that there was someone that tried to kill Parker before but now that person is dead but Parker still thinks him up
4) Yes there are a lot of edits that i should make before Mr. BG corrects it.

It was the last game of the season. The last game I would ever play with these girls. It came down to me. I was the only hope. If it wasn’t me then who would do it? No one likes to play goalie.
June 1, 2013-I honestly believe it was the hottest day of the year. My last game with my favorite girls, my soccer team. I had been playing soccer for seven years, same team, same coach, same girls. I loved it, it was my life. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter were spent playing soccer. It was so hard to believe that my last game with them was coming up so quickly. Seven years and I thought I would be with them for another four. That wasn't going to happen though, no matter how hard I tried. I showed up at the field, earlier than everyone else of course. Thats how me and my dad always liked to show up. I was so excited. Forward had been my favorite position for 2 years, I had been a goalie before getting moved to forward. All of my teammates start coming down to the field where the Southwick boys were getting destroyed by Ludlow. Our main goalie Lexi was in jean short and flip flops! I knew that wasn't a good sign but I sure as hell was hoping that Cara, our backup goalie, was going to come, and come soon! She did show up, but she was wearing jean shorts too! What are the possibilities that both of our goalies would be injured for the biggest game of this season! Lexi had a problem with her liver and couldnt get hit with a ball or an arm or even get knocked around that was of course understandable, Cara had a broken nose it’s soccer you don't need your nose to play soccer!  My coach put his arm around me and pulled me to the side, but as we were walking over to go talk it started raining, big ol fat rain. Instantly I was soaked.  He said,
“Parker I know you don't like playing goalie, but we need you. We need you to win this for us. Every year that you were our main goalie we were undefeated. I know you can do this. You have played in the rain you have played in the snow. This should be nothing to you.”
I was very reluctant to do it but I knew that I had to do it for my team. During the first quarter of the game the other team was going all out and the ball was only on my side of the field. I got more of a work out then the forwards did. At halftime, I looked to the sidelines to find my family. Of course they were there cheering me on like they always were, but as I looked to the left of them I saw him. It was Jimmy. Jimmy Duquette. The only person  I know that wants me dead more than Forrest Gump wanted to find Jenny. Weather he was there or not I was going to go on playing this game.
During the second half the other team was going just as hard but I had not let any by and I was so proud of myself. I could hear everyone on the sidelines cheering for me, but everytime I would look over I could see him. His cold dead eyes staring at me, looking into my soul, hoping I would just drop dead.  Why hadn't my brother noticed him? Why was he just standing next to him like nothing had ever happened? He knew everything that had happened between me and Jimmy, how could he be civil with him? There was five minutes left in the game and the score was still 0-0. Why wasn't my team playing like they should be? Why were they depending on me back here? Finally Kayla scored. She may be a ball hog and really full of herself but if there was one thing I could count on her for, that was scoring goals.
The reff blew the whistle, we had won, we had beaten the undefeated number one team. As soon as I looked over to my family I could see Jimmy pulling a knife behind my brothers back. Not even bothering to run over to my team and congratulate them all on the big win, I ran straight to my brother. Jimmy had ruined my life enough he wasn't going to take my brother from me too. I ran over to Wyatt crying, yelling but he didn't seem to understand what I was telling him. When I finally reached him he pulled me into a hug and explained to me like he has to do all the time, that Jimmy had died in jail. There was no Jimmy anymore.
I guess my mind was playing tricks on me. I wanted to play good for this game and Jimmy being there had obviously made me play harder.
At the end of the game. I was the hero. The score was 1-0 and we had won. My team the Hippopotamuses had won championships. It was all because of me. I even got water dumped on my head. It was the best game ever. I will miss playing for this team but I am glad that I was there for my team on the last game even if I had awful delusions to help me win, because they honestly couldn't have done it without me.

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summer reading essay

authors notes 
You can become friends with anyone no matter what that persons personalitly is. i think that it was really easy to write it allbut nothing really goes in this piece. i didnt really know where else to go with the story i knew what i was doing in the beggining but in the end i just kinda lost my train of thought. i really think i should just rewrite the whole thing.

One day Ender was walking down the street going to get an ice cream at his favorite ice cream shop. Something had stopped him and made him turn in to an alley that was no where near where he actually wanted to be.  While in the alley he saw the most amazingly beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.  She had long brown hair and it was in a side braid. There was only one problem she was being attacked!  Ender was never one for violence but something told him that he had to help her or he would regret it for the rest of his life.  As soon as he took one more step forward  he could plainly see that no help was needed at all.  The mystery girl hadsswitch he'd her and her attackers position and no she was in control she put him in a head lock and waited for him to be unconscious. While ender knewthat the man was not really dead. It had still bothered him to watch it.
Life just wasn't the same anymore for katniss some people wanted to kill her while other praised her.  She was walking to get an ice cream at her All time favorite ice cream shop when some man had come out of no where and dragged her into an alley. She didn't even know this man yet
he still wanted her dead. They fought for a little while and katniss couldn't really find it in herself to fight back this time. Then a boy had showed up in the alley they were in. She hadn't even known how he had found them it was the most hidden alley in all of town. She knew that if she did not fight back and she let this guy kill her that this boy would be scarred for the rest of his life.  The boy had taken one more step forward looking as if he was going to try to help her but then once he saw how quickly she had turned thee situation around his face became so full of surprise she almost smiled  at it. But if corse there was  no time for that she had to get her attacker away from her. killing was not an option becuase she knew that it would scar that boy for life.
after she was done fighting with the guy she had found out that the boy was going to get ice cream at the same shop and then they went together and they became best friends forever.